Community Health Advisory - Ballet Hawaii
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Community Health Advisory

Coronavirus Health Advisory

Updated 3/16/2020


We are deeply committed to the health and well-being of our students and staff and will continue to post regular updates as circumstances develop.


Dear Parents and Students,


Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 threat, we are suspending all classes at both locations starting Tuesday March 17th through Monday April 6th. We do this to protect the health and safety of your children, the Ballet Hawaii teachers, staff, and related members of the community.

Classes will resume on Tuesday April 7th subject to conditions at that time.  We will reopen earlier if possible.  We will keep you posted on our plans for reopening.




We are exploring having our teachers offer video lessons filmed at the studio that may be watched during regular class times to maintain training albeit in a different format.


This will provide dance education enrichment opportunities that benefit our students by allowing our teachers to focus on important elements of dance education—things like injury prevention, wellness (nutrition), and fitness, the history of dance and other dance forms, etc. These virtual classes would be conducted at your regularly scheduled times and be conducted by your regular teachers. These virtual sessions may also include the initial barre portion of classes to be done safely in a home setting.


We understand this may not be ideal for every student, but feel that a vast majority will want this opportunity to avoid total disruption of their ballet and dance education.


Stay Informed