Ballet Hawaii | Fall Session 2020
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Fall Session 2020

It has been a tremendous effort for Ballet Hawaii to weather the closure of both our Honolulu and BH West location due to Coronavirus. With your help and participation, we've succeeded in ways we could not have imagined. For the safety of our students, parents, staff, and teachers, and, due to the fluctuating COVID-19 numbers, Ballet Hawaii's facilities will remain closed until further notice.


Fall Session will begin August 16, 2020 on Zoom and will run until November 7. We will be moving forward on a month-to-month basis, reassessing our safety at the end of each month, and determining whether we can open the studios safely.


Our Board of Directors takes Ballet Hawaii's mission to heart - to teach, present, promote, and produce dance in Hawaii. They are determined that we maintain the highest standard of teaching while also maintaining the health and safety of our staff and students.

Tuition will be charged in 4-week increments to ensure an easy transition back to in-studio classes when the time comes.  Please refer to the table below for tuition by level.


Tuition for classes Aug 16-Sep 12 is due Tuesday, Aug 11

Tuition for classes Sep 13-Oct 10 is due Tuesday, Sep 8

Tuition for classes Oct 11-Nov 7 is due Tuesday, Oct 6


*A late fee of $25 will be charged after tuition due dates*

*Late fees will be waived for the first 4-week increment provided tuition is paid by Saturday, August 15*

For NEW students only:

Please create an Akada account HERE and email our School Administrator, Lesley Young, at to schedule a placement class.

Class LevelClasses per weekDay(s)Start TimeEnd TimeClass Length{4-Week} Tuition
Creative Dance1xSaturday10:00am10:45am0:45$60
Ballet 11xSaturday11:00am11:45am0:45$60
Ballet 11xSunday9:15am10:00am0:45$60
Ballet 22xTuesday3:30pm4:15pm0:45$120
Ballet 33xMonday3:30pm4:15pm0:45$180
Ballet 43xMonday3:30pm4:15pm0:45$180
Ballet 5A/5B5x (4x Ballet, 1x Contemporary)Monday4:30pm5:30pm1:00$300
Contemporary (HNL students only)Monday5:45pm6:45pm1:00
Contemporary (BHW students only)Friday5:45pm6:45pm1:00
Ballet 65x (4x Ballet, 1x Contemporary)Monday4:30pm5:30pm1:00$300
Contemporary (HNL students only)Wednesday5:45pm6:45pm1:00
Contemporary (BHW students only)Friday5:45pm6:45pm1:00
Ballet 7A/7B/85x (4x Ballet, 1x Contemporary)Tuesday4:30pm5:30pm1:00$300
Contemporary (HNL students only)Thursday6:00pm7:15pm1:00
Contemporary (BHW students only)Friday5:45pm6:45pm1:00
Tap 2&31xWednesday6:45pm7:45pm1:00
Girls’ hair must be off their face and in a neat and secure bun.  Dancers will continue to wear their uniform leotards, as outlined below, with theatrical pink tights and pink canvas ballet slippers.  While dancing at home, socks are acceptable for carpeted spaces and black shorts may be substituted in place of tights.
Creative Movement: Lavender uniform leotard
Creative Dance: Pink uniform leotard
Pre-Ballet: Light Pink camisole dance dress
Ballet 1: Light Blue camisole dance dress
Ballet 2: Lilac uniform leotard
Ballet 3: Sky Blue uniform leotard
Ballet 4: Rose uniform leotard
Ballet 5: French Blue uniform leotard
Ballet 6: Navy uniform leotard
Ballet 7/8: Black uniform leotard
Males (all levels): White fitted ballet shirt or leotard, black leggings/tights or shorts, dance belt (if age appropriate).

All uniform items are to be purchased at the Ballet Hawaii Boutique at our main Honolulu School and Ballet Hawaii West Boutique.
  • Please sign in at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your class - with your own name - so the teacher may take attendance.
  • With the understanding that it is hot, you are permitted to wear stretchy shorts in place of tights/skirt if desired.  Please see the dress code tab for more information on appropriate attire.
  • If the device you are logging in on has a camera, please let it on for the entirety of your class and position it so that most of your body is visible.  If your teacher cannot see you, they are unable to give individualized feedback.
  • The chat feature is to be used to communicate with your teacher only, however, whenever possible, please raise your hand and unmute yourself to communicate with your teacher unless it is a private question.
  • If you are having technical difficulties, please respectfully let the teacher know, but understand that it is not possible for the teacher to help troubleshoot all technical issues.  You may need to grab a parent to help you.
  • Just like your in-studio classes - no gum chewing or snacks.  Water is allowed.
  • Teachers expect students to behave as they do in the classroom - respectfully, no yawning, no leaving the room unless given permission, appropriate dancewear as possible, no talking, no chatting to other students during class.
Students may make up missed classes in the level below their current level. All make ups must be completed before the current session ends.
General School Inquiries, reporting attendance/requesting make-up class

School Administrator, Lesley Young
Billing questions, registration information

Social Media & Website Coordinator, Caitlin Nichols
Technological/Zoom help, website issues

Artistic Director, Pamela Taylor-Tongg

Executive Director, John Parkinson