Ballet Hawaii Performing Ensemble - Ballet Hawaii
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Ballet Hawaii Performing Ensemble

The Ballet Hawaii Performing Ensemble

was founded in January 2019 with the intention of presenting Classical and Contemporary Ballet works to the public and to provide our dancers with expanded performance opportunities.  Students are selected, by invitation, from the three highest levels in the school, based on technical ability, maturity, and commitment to their rigorous training.  The dancers participate in additional rehearsals and perform both original works by the Ensemble’s choreographers as well as Classical repertoire.


To enquire about hosting a performance with the Ballet Hawaii Performing Ensemble, please contact

The Dancers

Charlie Ahlgren-Folkert

Alana Haydu

Olivia Butterfly Rodriguez

Marina Turner

Emma Baynes

Janie Okamoto

Sophie Sandomire

Madison Young

Emma Belatti

Jadyn Pang

Brandie Tanji

Ariadne Duan

Mia Perkins

Shiina Tsuchiya

Junior Members

Alicen Ichimura

Auralia Stone

Emma Kolouch

Abigail Yasunaga

Kendel Martin

Gabriel Salonga