Volunteer - Ballet Hawaii
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Print this page and send the information below to:
Ballet Hawaii, 777 S. Hotel Street
Suite 101, Honolulu, HI 96813


Aloha Ballet Hawaii Ohana,


To keep us on our toes, Ballet Hawaii needs a few more hands. Throughout the year, Ballet Hawaii has numerous opportunities for volunteers and the possibilities are listed below. Please let us know what might interest you.


  • Collating and labeling mailers which advertise our Ballets, fundraisers, performances and semi-annual and annual fund drives – approximately 4 – 5 x a year _______
  • Merchandising, organizing & displaying our novelty items
    for sale in the studios _______
  • Novelty Sales at performances _______
  • Event/Party Planning for our fundraisers & ballets ______
  • Computer skills – helping out with email lists and other areas _______
  • Writing & Editing for Ballet Hawaii Newsletter_______
  • Marketing/Retailing ______
  • Solicitation ______
  • Carpentry ______
  • Sewing ______
  • Make-up/ Hair _____
  • Artist ______
  • Other ________

Name: Yours_______________________________________Child_________________

Phone # H-__________________C-___________________W- ___________________

E-Mail _________________________________________________________________



If you have a skill or talent in any of these areas or in something else we didn’t think of that could be of use to Ballet Hawaii and can lend us a hand, please let us know. We are also open to ideas and suggestions that you could share with us that might be of help.


You can return this form to the Ballet Hawaii office or contact Lesley Young at lesley@ballethawaii.org or by phone at 808 521-8600.


Mahalo for taking the time to let us know and are willing to volunteer your skills & talents!


Ballet Hawaii –