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Virtual Open Classes

General Information

  Due to the evolving COVID-19 threat, Ballet Hawaii suspended all classes at both locations on Tuesday March 17th. Although we are unable to offer in-person training at this time, we are holding live-streamed classes through Zoom until we are able to return to the studio. Current and new students are welcome to attend!

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Policy update 8/22/2020

We strongly recommend that our participants pre-register by 8:00pm the night prior in order to confirm the class. Pre-registered participants are encouraged to keep a credit/debit card on file and the charge will not be sent through until the class is confirmed. If a card is not kept on file, we will require payment at the time of pre-registration. No later than 8:30pm the night prior to class, an email will be sent out confirming that the class will take place as scheduled, or, if a class does not meet the required minimum participants, we will have to cancel the class at that time. This is to protect and respect the time of our pre-registered participants, teachers, and administrative staff.

  Late policy
The class will be held for a maximum of 5 minutes if a pre-registered participant is running late. After 5 minutes class will begin regardless of attendance. *An additional 5 minutes will be added to the end of class to accommodate the late start.

We welcome drop-ins to confirmed classes, although we strongly encourage you to pre-register to ensure we meet the minimum participants to hold the class. Classes will be confirmed by 8:30pm the night prior. Payment must be made no later than 15 mins prior to the class start time. If the participant has a card on file, they may drop-in at any time and indicate that their card may be charged. If the class was cancelled, you will see a message in the Zoom waiting room informing you accordingly in case you missed the email.

  Age Requirement
We normally require students to be a minimum of 13 years old to take open class, however, during these uncertain times, we may allow younger students to attend with teacher permission. Please reach out to or with more questions regarding exceptions to the age requirement.

  Class Cards
We realize we have been out of the studio for much longer than anyone anticipated and we would like to do the best we can to accommodate all students who have outstanding class card balances. If you have a current class card (that had not expired prior to closing our doors) we welcome you to use the applicable amount toward virtual open classes. To facilitate this, we would credit your Akada account with the value of the remaining classes and you will be able to debit against that balance to pay for virtual classes. Please direct any questions to or

  There will be no refunds for any missed classes after pre-registration. For participants who keep a valid credit/debit card on file, the card will not be charged until the class is confirmed. For participants who do not have a valid card on file, payment is expected at the time of pre-registration. If a class is cancelled after participants pre-registered, they will not be charged.

Class Rates

  Effective 8/16/2020, the open class rate is $15/class

  Payment is collected through your Akada account which will need to be activated prior to taking your first class.  We strongly encourage you to keep a valid credit/debit card on file if you will be taking class regularly.


    Step 1:
Please ensure you have an active Ballet Hawaii online account, if you do not have one, please create one HERE. Optional (encouraged): Save time by putting a valid credit/debit card on file.

  Step 2:
Email or use the contact form below to let us know which class(es) you’d like to register for.

  Step 3:
Once payment is received, we will email you all Zoom class information. If you don’t see the link in your email, please check your spam folder, and then contact us at

  Step 4:
Option 1 – Download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet, or computer (recommended for ease of use)
Option 2 – Attend Zoom class in your browser at

Class Schedule

DayDateStart TimeEnd TimeTeacherLevel
Tuesday8/25/202010:00am11:00am*Sub* Christine KaminskiIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Friday8/28/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Tuesday9/1/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Friday9/4/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Tuesday9/8/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Friday9/11/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Tuesday9/15/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet
Friday9/18/202010:00am11:00amCaitlin NicholsIntermediate/Advanced Ballet

Recommended Attire

  Wear clothing that does not restrict your movement and is comfortable for your environment. You are more than welcome to wear traditional dance attire, but it is not required. Choose footwear based on the surface you will be dancing on. Ballet slippers are good for hard floors, but socks may be more appropriate for carpeted spaces.

Zoom Info & Etiquette

  *Please sign in 15 minutes before class with your first and last name. Upon logging in, you will be placed in a waiting room for security and verification purposes. Once your registration has been verified, you will be admitted into the class.

  *If your video does not display your first & last name, please navigate to the “participants” tab, find your device/account, and edit it to reflect your first and last name.

  *Please ensure your camera is on so we may identify and check you in to the class. Once you are checked in, you may turn your camera off or leave it on for the duration of class, whichever is your preference.

  *To reduce sound interference – please mute your microphone during class unless there is a need to communicate with the teacher.

  *If you need to ask a question, you may also utilize the Zoom chat function.

  *Once you are registered for a class, there are no refunds. If the class is missed, you forfeit the class fee.