Ballet Hawaii Performing Ensemble - Ballet Hawaii
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Get ready to be swept off your feet!



The Ballet Hawaii Performing Ensemble burst onto the scene in January 2019, igniting stages with a passionate mission – to bring the mesmerizing beauty of Classical and Contemporary Ballet home to Hawaii.


Our story is one of excellence, where dancers are handpicked from our school’s top three levels. Chosen not only for their incredible technical prowess, our ensemble shares an unwavering passion and commitment to the art of dance. For us, it’s a journey of skill, artistry, and aloha.


These talented dancers don’t just perform, they captivate. When the stage calls for elegance, they effortlessly deliver spellbinding renditions of classical masterpieces and exciting original choreography that will transport audiences. Ballet Hawaii’s Performing Ensemble is here to enchant and inspire, one performance at a time.

Meet the Dancers

Performing Ensemble

Charlie Ahlgren-Folkert

Emma Baynes


Emma Belatti

Drew Cai

Sophie Chen

Mckenna Finney

Alana Haydu

Meg Huffman

Aria Kaneshige

Kendel Martin

Janie Okamoto

Olivia Butterfly Rodriguez

Gabe Salonga

Abby Yasunaga

Madie Young

Junior Members

Faith Button

Carley Hanson


Salome Heiderscheidt

Harley Izu

Cameron Miyamoto


Sarah Montoni


Mia Ng


Lauren Rayburg


Garry Umeda