Frequently Asked Questions - Ballet Hawaii
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what level to apply my child for?
Students ages 3-4 are placed by age into Creative Movement or Creative Dance.


Students ages 5-7 with ballet experience are required to take a placement class.


Students ages 8-16 with or without ballet experience are required to take a placement class.


Please schedule an appointment with the School Administrator to observe or take a placement class. Online registration is required. Registration may be found online under “School & Classes” – “The School of Ballet Hawaii” – “Honolulu Studio” or “West Studio” – “Complete Online Registration”. If there is a waitlist for the class your child will be entering you will be contacted when an opening is available.

How do I sign my child up for classes?
Application for classes may be completed via our website at for our Honolulu location and for our West Oahu location.


Please fill out the New Student enrollment form on either of those pages and our School Administrator will contact you to schedule a placement class.

At what age do you begin to offer classes?
We accept students ages 3+.

What types of dance, other than ballet, do you offer?
While Ballet Hawaii is primarily a ballet studio, we also offer classes in Contemporary dance as well as other styles intermittently. We frequently host Master Teachers for Ballet Levels 5 through 8 that are occasionally open to outside students.
Do you offer scholarships?
We offer work exchange-scholarships based on financial need. These scholarships are offered to students who have attended Ballet Hawaii for 1+ years. Please contact Pam Taylor Tongg, Artistic Director at for more information.
How many classes must my child take a week?
Students in Creative Movement through Ballet 1 take one class per week.

Students in Ballet 2 take two classes per week.

Students in Ballet 3 & 4 take three classes per week.

Students in Ballet 5 and above take four classes per week.

All students are required to take all scheduled classes for their level.

Is there a deadline for applications or are they ongoing?
Applications are ongoing. Currently enrolled students are strongly encouraged to commit early to reserve their spot as we do have wait-listed students.

Do you have performance opportunities?
Students enrolled in Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions are considered for roles in our annual production of The Nutcracker and Spring Showcase.
Students who enroll in the Summer Intensive are cast in an end-of-session performance either in-studio or onstage.
All performances have a performance/costume fee.
When are auditions for The Nutcracker and what are the requirements?
Auditions for The Nutcracker are held at the start of Fall Session in August. Students must be at least 7 years of age to audition and participating in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions. Auditions are held in class. There is no pre-registration. All paperwork is available at the audition. If a dancer is chosen for a role, the dancer AND parent/guardian are required to sign a contract confirming their commitment to the rehearsal and performance schedule. It is important to understand the demands and rewards of participating in a professional production. Performance/costume fees apply.
When do you hold auditions for summer intensive?
Summer Intensive auditions are held January through March at our studios. If you are unable to attend class in person, please submit a video audition, dance resume, and photo in arabesque and tendu a la seconde along with an Audition Form.


Audition forms may be found under “School & Classes” – “Summer Intensive”. The audition video must be no longer than 10 minutes and must include barre work and center work (Adagio, Pirouettes en dehors and en dedans, petit and grand allegro) and pointework for ladies. You may include production excerpts as long as you are clearly visible.


For more information call: 808-521-8600 or email

What classes do you offer for adults?
Adults may take any of our Open Classes. Please refer to “School & Classes” – “The School of Ballet Hawaii” – “Open Classes”.
What age do you start Pointe classes?
A student is allowed to go en pointe at the discretion of the Artistic Director and teachers. Typically, at Ballet Hawaii, we look at students in Ballet 5 or around the age of 11-12. Acceptance is based on the student’s ability to pass a pre-pointe test, the receipt of a doctor’s note, age, strength, and commitment. It is important to understand that going en pointe unprepared may affect the health and longevity of a student’s physical development. If a student is not ready, they will not be allowed to go en pointe.