Class Levels & Advancement - Ballet Hawaii
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Class Levels & Advancement

Placement of Dancers
All students ages 7 and up will be carefully placed in the class that is fitting to their technique. The age of one student may differ from the other students in a particular class. The School will make a concerted effort to keep the age ranges as close together as possible, however, the main emphasis will be placed on each student’s technical achievement. They will be placed in the level that will encourage the most progress. A dancer must be challenged but not overwhelmed.


It is typical to spend more than one year at each level. Your child may not be promoted every year. The changing of levels in the School is always decided with your child’s best interest and advancement in mind. If a child is promoted too soon, then he or she will miss some very valuable training. These children also struggle in the next level, which is unnecessary and even dangerous. The dancers in the School will be placed with care and consideration at all levels of training.


Each student enrolled will be evaluated by the faculty at the end of each term to ascertain progress and determine their placement for the following term. The first evaluations will be for Summer Session recommendations. The final evaluations will be for the following year’s placement. Progress is closely evaluated for each individual throughout the year.


Observation of Classes
Parents should wait outside the studio during class where class can be observed. There will be observation weeks throughout the year so that you may see your child’s progress. Special arrangements can be made with the director to observe a class in the studio by prospective students, parents or visiting family members.