General Information - Ballet Hawaii
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General Information

Arrival and Departure
For safety and security, parents should accompany the student to studio. Students should wait in the studio at all times to be picked up.  It is not recommended to wait outside of the building. All students must be picked up by a parent or guardian. No child will be allowed to wait outside or leave the studio without a parent or guardian.



Students must ask permission to use the phone and calls are limited to three minutes. The school would also like to ask that parents or guardians only call their child in the case of an emergency.


Food and Beverages
No food may be eaten in the studio or homework area. All trash must be thrown away in the garbage cans outside the studio.


Lost and Found
Lost and Found will hold articles of clothing for one month. Any clothing left over a month will go towards charity. It is advised that all clothing have the student’s name printed on it so that the items may be returned promptly.


Scholarship students will be asked to share some responsibilities within the School and may be asked to act as teacher’s assistants. Those on scholarship should serve as positive examples to the younger students of the School. Details and applications are available in the office.


The use of alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal substances is strictly forbidden at the School or anywhere on School property. Students in violation will be dismissed immediately.


It is the intent of Ballet Hawaii that all students and employees will enjoy an environment that is free from discrimination and/or harassment of any student and/or employee by another student, employee, supervisor, or non-employee.


Please see our Policies page for other important Ballet Hawaii guidelines relating to tuition, refunds, attendance and more.