Auditions Are Already Underway for Hawaii’s Favorite Ballet - Ballet Hawaii
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Ballet Hawaii's The Nutcracker

Auditions Are Already Underway for Hawaii’s Favorite Ballet

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Time flies when you are having fun, and for us that means once again we are hosting auditions for Hawaii’s favorite ballet performance of the season. Each year, roughly 125 Ballet Hawaii students between the ages of seven and eighteen perform alongside professional dancers from internationally-recognized ballet companies for friends, family, and thousands of guests in our special adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet, The Nutcracker. Whether you have children or teens participating, or are personally joining our cast this season, there are some grand changes to this year’s spectacle.


For the first time in its history, Ballet Hawaii’s The Nutcracker will be performed at The Blaisdell Arena. Our famous set design will be re-invented to accommodate such a massive space and our choreography is sure to follow suit. Never before have we had the opportunity to fill such an expansive performance space. It is clear that our auditioning students are up for the task of representing Ballet Hawaii in this transition, continuing our legacy of presenting a world-class production to kick off the 2023 holiday season, December 16-17, 2023.


Set in the 1858 Kingdom of Hawaii, this lavish production remains a glowing example of how world-class dance performances enrich our local culture and community. If you haven’t already, be sure to save the date and join our newsletter to be among the first to know when Nutcracker tickets officially go on sale.



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