Performing Ensemble Spring 2024 In-Studio Performances - Ballet Hawaii
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Performing Ensemble Spring 2024 In-Studio Performances

We are happy to announce an upcoming in-studio performance by Ballet Hawaii’s Performing Ensemble. The Performing Ensemble was founded in January 2019 with the intention of presenting Classical and Contemporary Ballet works to the public and providing our dancers with expanded performance opportunities. Students are selected, by invitation, from the school’s three highest levels (6-8), based on technical ability, maturity, and commitment to their rigorous training. The dancers participate in additional rehearsals and perform both original works by the Ensemble’s choreographers as well as Classical repertoire.


This Spring, the Performing Ensemble will present choreographic works by Regina Ahlgren, Christine Kaminski, Jonathan Mangosing, Susan Quong, and Emma Belatti as well as classical selections from La Bayadère.


Ballet Hawaii
Honolulu Studios
735 Iwilei Road
Honolulu, HI 96817