The School of Ballet Hawaii - Ballet Hawaii
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The School of Ballet Hawaii

The school’s goal is to enrich student’s lives through dance, enhance self-awareness and self-discipline and to introduce them to other art forms. The program also counsels students on health issues. As representatives of the school, each student is encouraged to fulfill a professional etiquette of the highest standards.


Ballet Hawaii prides itself on the quality and professionalism of its operation. The faculty is of the highest caliber and welcomes comments and input regarding any and all aspects of the school. The program represents an inclusive vision to reach people of all backgrounds and abilities through the art of dance. This mission is a collective effort based on non-competitive and positive support, creating a pleasant environment for artistic endeavors to thrive.


The School requires some general guidelines so that all dancers and parents experience a healthy, productive environment. Please read over these guidelines. If you have concerns regarding any of these rules or policies or need to speak to Pamela Taylor-Tongg for any reason, please make an appointment.

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Sources of Information

The bulletin boards and information tables located in the studios supply general information as well as important schedule changes. A school calendar is given at the time of registration. The calendar is also posted on bulletin boards.


School Instructors’ biographies provide a description of each teacher’s previous dance background, as well as current involvement in the dance community. Biographies may be viewed on our website under “Faculty”.


Telephone Numbers
Ballet Office: 808-521-8600

Ballet Hawaii West: 808-469-4392


General Information

Dress Code

Dancer Responsibilities & Etiquette

Class Levels & Advancement

Performance Opportunities